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California Inventoried Roadless Areas [more]
(4,440,698 acres)

National Forests (California only)
Angeles, (154,552 acres)
Cleveland, (88,189 acres)
Eldorado, (82,479 acres)
Humboldt-Toiyabe, (246,820 acres)
Inyo, (825,453 acres)
Klamath, (270,502 acres)
Lake Tahoe Basin Mgt. Unit, (38,459 acres)
Lassen, (168,373 acres)
Los Padres, (635,842 acres)
Mendocino, (154,332 acres)
Modoc, (200,871 acres)
Plumas, (65,148 acres)
Rogue River, (9,068 acres)
San Bernardino, (172,178 acres)
Sequoia, (346,113 acres)
Shasta-Trinity, (323,297 acres)
Sierra, (171,491 acres)
Siskiyou, (3,035 acres)
Six Rivers, (198,717 acres)
Stanislaus, (139,021 acres)
Tahoe, (146,758 acres)
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