Kitty POPpins Slot Overview

Cat enthusiasts have several options for kitty-themed slots at the time of review. Kalamba Games’ Phat Cats Megaways, Snowborn Games’ Cat Clans 2 Mad Cats, and Relax Gaming’s Fly Cats Dream Drop were released. Kitty POPpins from AvatarUX wants to pat players’ knees. As expected, Kitty POPpins continues AvatarUX’s ‘popping’ style of online slots, which the company obsesses about. A good passion because it lets the studio express itself artistically inside a framework, like a haiku. They shine with a great feature list and a fluffy, purring, clawed motif.

The game isn’t like Mary Poppins, despite the title. Instead, Kitty POPpins promotes feline nobility and ‘Cat’ features. Kitty POPpins’ graphics are impressive, and the fundamental game takes place in a luxurious chamber observed from the ground up by a cat. Gold light floods in through gorgeous windows. The left has a king cat, so this may be a regal chamber, but cat lovers may still gamble with their pets.

Despite being charming and fluffy, Kitty POPpins gambles seriously. It accepts 20 p/c to £/€40 per spin and has several feature purchasing choices. An Ante stake boosts the stake by 25% and doubles the probability of free spins. A very volatile gambling machine, the 5×5 grid extends in free spins rounds to provide up to 59,049 chances to win and boasts a 96% default return to player.

Matching symbols must appear on consecutive reels from the left or right side of the matrix to win. The low pay 9 to A card ranks pay 0.5 times the stake for 5 symbol winning combinations, while the middle pay assorted cat-related things pay 1x. At most, 5 matching premium cat symbols—4 sassy ones—will pay 2 times the stake. Kitty POPpins has no wild symbols—maybe the cats are wild enough? Winning symbols are eliminated and replaced, and a tumbling sequence stops when no new win occurs.

Kitty POPpins Slot Features

Kitty POPpins has MultiPop, King Cat, and his Cat modifiers, free spins, and Xpress bonus buys.


Each spin places random multipliers on the grid. Symbols added after victories in certain spots raise multipliers. The multiplier is position-based, not symbol-based.

King Cat

When King Cat activates randomly, one of these modifiers is awarded:

Cattilycious Respin—extra multipliers are added to the grid and locked in place during a respin. Adding multipliers to a location with one adds values.

Cateriffic Re-Shuffle adds multiplier-attached frames to the grid. Each frame position is swapped, giving a chance to win.

Up to 2 low-paying symbols are removed from the grid for the spin.

Free Spins

Landing 3 scatter symbols awards 5 free spins on a grid 7 rows high, 4 scatter symbols 8 free spins, and 5 scatter symbols 12 free spins on a grid 9 rows high. Free spins make Royal Cat prizes more effective. Cattilycious Respins now reward up to 8 position multipliers, Caterrific Re-Shuffle shuffles 10 symbols, and Catcellent Removal eliminates 5 lower-paying symbols.


From the bonus buy menu, players can activate these options. Having the King Cat active on each spin costs 7.5x the stake, while 5, 8, or 12 free spins cost 75x, 200x, or 500x. Finally, the Max option offers 10 free spins (the demo offered 15) on a 9-row high grid with King Cat active on each spin for 1,000x the stake.

Kitty POPpins Slot Review

We’ve lost count of the ‘popping’ style slots, but Kitty POPpins is the latest. As the company grows, reforms, and innovates with each release, AvatarUX has showed incredible dedication to the concept. What would happen if AvatarUX made the perfect ‘Pop’ game? After creating the ideal specimen, something you know you can never beat again, would you give up and bow out gracefully or continuing making decent, even exceptional, products?

Maybe people keep going even while results are declining because perfection isn’t possible. Kitty POPpins is one of AvatarUX’s best releases, and returns aren’t declining. We last used the MultiPop technique in Zombie aPOPalypse MultiPop, which is humorous because the shambling zombie is far from a purring cat. Kitty POPpins is a massive game in many aspects, including its 20,000x the stake max win, which can be achieved with a large number of features, and its vast Xpress bonus purchase function, an optional add-on that rivals ELK Studios’ X-iter buy menu.

A high-performing ‘Pop’ game may be launched by rolling it all together like a hacked-up fur ball. KittyPOPpins’ huge numbers, big features, and adorable look should appeal to AvatarUX poppin’ slot enthusiasts.






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