Slot Overview: Gargoyle Infinity Reels

If you go to a Gothic building from the past, you’ll notice many of gargoyles guarding the entrances. In addition to their aesthetic value, they serve as a functional rainwater management system by channeling water away from the roof. That’s a purpose that isn’t nearly so out of this world. Whether you think gargoyles are purely decorative or a magical solution to your drainage woes, you can’t deny their ability to give a structure its own unique character. Boomerang Studio’s slot Gargoyle Infinity Reels features them prominently as well; it is one of several recent slots to use ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels technology.

Many cartoon viewers may recall the classic animated series Gargoyles, in which Keith David voiced the villainous character Goliath. Although it lacks the dark atmosphere of the show’s titles, initial reactions to Gargoyle Infinity Reels were more positive than they had been to many other Infinity Reels slots. The aesthetic of Boomerang is somewhere between eerie and whimsical, evoking comparisons to the Avatar user interface. They’ve combined elements of both to produce a game with a smoky undercurrent and bright graphics to keep things lively.

A 3-reel, 4-row gaming grid may be found in the center of a castle chamber. When other reels are added, this one does not scroll to the right. Instead, as the grid expands, everything shifts to the left, obscuring everything except the most recent three reels. Players may keep track of the number of winning symbols with the aid of a counter shown on the right. A Harry Potter–esque music lends a touch of playfulness and intrigue to the scene, which otherwise consists of flickering candles and a vista of a purple foggy sky over pointed buildings.

Gargoyle Infinity Reels, powered by Relax Gaming, may be played for as little as 25 cents per spin all the way up to £10 or €10. Due to the strong volatility and potential rewards from bonus rounds and progressive jackpots, the maximum wager is quite modest. The 95.75% RTP is average, and you shouldn’t anticipate a burst of combinations because hit rate statistics weren’t provided. Because victories trigger a series of features, some of which might be rather lengthy, this is the case.

Three of a kind pays off at 0.2 times the initial wager for spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds, respectively. A three-of-a-kind win pays off anywhere from 0.6 to 2 times your wager, but the high payouts, which consist of four gargoyles, provide better returns. There is no symbol multiplier, unlike in certain Infinity Reels games. Instead, the payout increases by the same amount for each additional set of three or more identical symbols that contribute to the win. To clarify, if you have four of the highest premiums, you win 4 times your wager, and if you have five of a kind, you win 6 times your wager. The final image is a boss gargoyle wild that may be used in place of any of the other pay symbols to make up a winning combination. Even during free spins, Wilds play a crucial role in unlocking additional benefits.

Slot Characteristics of the Infinite-Reel Gargoyle

The Infinity Reels mechanism is expanded upon in a randomly triggered set of free spins with a wild collection feature that enlarges the reels and, potentially, grants a jackpot. If you get three or more scatters during a single spin, you’ll trigger 10 free games and a prize equal to one times your wager. For instance, if you get 4 scatters, you will receive 2 times your initial wager.

If gargoyle wilds appear during free games, they expand the height of the new reel to between four and six positions, allowing for more symbols. When a wild appears on a reel that is six spots high, a random jackpot between three and eight hundred and eighty-eight times the wager is awarded. All new reels continue the spin process at the enlarged height, returning to normal size only between bonus games.

Infinite Reels of the Gargoyle: A Slot Review

New releases continue to appear on the Infinity Reels train like bugs in a game of whack-a-mole. This isn’t Boomerang Studios’ first try around with the mechanic, but unlike Crystal Wolf Infinity Reels, Gargoyle Infinity Reels is far better. A lot of the chunkiness has been taken out, and there’s a bonus game that really does things. Reel expansion during free spins not only increases the adrenaline rush, but also increases the potential for large payouts.

Even while Gargoyle Infinity Reels improves upon the first Boomerang effort, it still has all of the benefits and drawbacks of the original design. Many people still don’t understand how Infinity Reels works. It’s doubtful that Infinity Reels will win over the skeptics, given the broad adoption by so many studios.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion, and the potential of the game might be a selling point. The maximum possible payout is not to be laughed at, as it might be more than 20,000 times the initial wager. You probably don’t need us to remind you that, without a symbol multiplier, hitting any very big wins here will be difficult. We’re talking about ridiculously long combinations of symbols, maybe on enlarged reels as we approach the game’s maximum bet. It would be great if you could hit the jackpot on the way there.

In conclusion, the unusual motif and enormous possibilities make this an intriguing proposition, especially when compared to others in the Infinity price bracket. However, this doesn’t imply that the mechanic’s drawbacks don’t exist if a player isn’t on board with the idea. You should try firing up Gargoyle if you’re a fan of Infinity Reels driven action.






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